Over 80 quests

Tons of content

We focus our efforts on content and have more quests than you may be used to on a private server.

Great uptime

Dedicated server hosting

Our server is located in the USA. We have an excellent record of uptime and updates are often under 3 minutes.

An xp rate of 2.25x

A little less grind

While you will progress a little faster, nothing here is free. Enjoy a good economy, with no Grand Exchange!

Frequent updates

=February 15th, 2018=
-Ectophial stays in its slot when used

=January 27th, 2018=
Client v5.9.8
-Minimap orbs can now be toggled to the right
side if desired, do this by right clicking
the run orb
(the position in resize mode is not ideal,
we're open to ideas and may end up moving
the minimap further left in this case)
-Split private chat right clicks now work in
resizable mode

=January 25nd, 2018=
-Kingdom Farming seeds and Herb gathering
now working

=January 22nd, 2018=
-Banking makes no sense again

=January 19th, 2018=
-Fixed a Kingdom Management issue preventing
collection after 25 days or more, Kingdoms
will now function up to 292,471,208 years later
-Banking 5,10 or X will now take items from the
top slot down, depositing 1 will now take that
specific item
-Fixed pouches for real

=January 17th, 2018=
-Fixed the Keldagrim manlets bugging out
-Fixed a bug with Construction servants getting
stuck on "serve" type tasks
-Fixed ground level rooms not being able to be
built in a POH dungeon

=January 15th, 2018=
-Fixed a rare bone grinder bug
-Banking now takes the specific item you click
-Quickly banking after fletching should no
longer cause issues
-Pest Control reward dialogue fixed
-Fixed a bug with building dungeon stairs if
you chose skill hall or quest hall under it

Client v5.9.7
-Camera zoom now saves to Settings.ini
-Settings.ini should save in all cases now
(not just on logout, or changing certain
settings, but also on close)

=January 11th, 2018=
-PoH room building fixed
-Multicannon disabled at Mithril Dragons

=January 6th, 2018=
-Fixed a crash in RFD
-Multicannon breaking pierces game filter

=January 2nd, 2018=
-Bank refresh issue fixed
-Shanty Claws has set sail
Client v5.9.5
-The update timer, servermessage and private
messages should all coexist in harmony and not
look awful in all cases now
-*nix system support should be more robust now
-Flashing icons shouldn't disappear or break

=December 25h, 2017=
Merry Christmas!
Shanty Claws needs some help at the docks
on Musa Point!

=December 13th, 2017=
-Between a Rock fix fix
-Golden fleece now spins (for making more lyres)
-Nature spirit drops EXPANDED
-3a amulet now has level requirements
-Gilded alter slightly faster
-Yanille PoH portal enabled until we have
watchtower (so forever)

=December 11th, 2017=
Kingdom Management re-enabled
contact staff with any collection issues
-Fixed time calculation, approval and coffer math
-Flax and hardwood rates fixed
Odel recommends against collecting herbs or seeds
unless you will collect every day

=December 8th, 2017=
-Kingdom Management collection disabled for
the time being

=December 4th, 2017=
-Resource amounts from Kingdom Management
have been corrected
Flax still not working, please have your
For older patchnotes, read the wiki

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