-petsay fixed to work with cats
-Rune thrownaxe special added
-POH barrows armor repair fixed
-Silk merchant fixed
-Ess pouches are now filtered (except degrading)
-Random small fixes and polish
-Fixed being charged for time you were away from
your kingdom when making a deposit
-Fixed a longstanding bug with pathing to NPCs which
put you outside the building trying to interact
-Fixed a bug that caused real death when Fight Cave
-Corrected some stock in Culinaromancer's chest
-Fixed a bug with Shield of Arrav resetting during
Heroes Quest
-Fixed beer kegs turning into vials
-Fixed a disconnect when Barbarian smithing
-Fixed Waterfiend magic attack being of Ranged type
-Cats can now consume roe and caviar
-Orange and Red feathers usable in fletching
-Fixed a bug where servants got stuck on a task
-Fixed a bug with key halves being eaten on use
-Fixed barehand fishing not giving Kingdom approval
-Waterfiends now available as a slayer task
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