-One tick flicking now functions properly
-Drain rates for all prayers corrected/adjusted
-Fixed Piety not being affected by prayer bonus
-Fixed HP related jewelry not activating outside
of combat
-Fixed Entrana equipment restrictions
-Fixed drunk state wearing off too early
-Ironmen can no longer buy overstocked shop items
-Players walking onto your screen no longer
face south before facing the correct direction
-Duplicate clue rewards patched
-Varrock fur seller fixed
-Crossbow bolt requirements fixed
-Elemental Workshop item loss (stone bowl) fix
-Max q p (w) corrected
-Fixed a Fight Caves crash
-Wielded barb-tail harpoon now works properly
-Fixed several issues when raising multiple cats
-Added level up dialog and messages for Hunter
-Fixed issue with Sea Slug completion
-Can now replace CommOrb if lost after completing
-Items banked with quick-deposit now show up in the
correct tab
-You can now swap rewards in Rag and Bone man
-Missing seagull added to Draynor
-Fixed ammo not dropping when npc near a wall
-Cats can now rest in baskets
-3 Barbarian potions fixed
-Inoculation Bracelet fixed
-Shilo store is now "a general store"
-Farming shops have changed their inventory
-Dwarf Cannon quest will now allow you to obtain
another toolkit if lost
-Frogspawn is edible
-petsay fixed to work with cats
-Rune thrownaxe special added
-POH barrows armor repair fixed
-Silk merchant fixed
-Ess pouches are now filtered (except degrading)
-Random small fixes and polish
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